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Microsoft Excel Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials, Tips, & Tricks!

Have you struggled to build effective reports and dashboards? Or felt confused over what you need to know about Excel PivotTables? Perhaps, you’ve gone crazy trying to figure out how to carry out good data analysis? Maybe, you’ve thrown your hands up in the air with resignation because of not really knowing what the VLOOKUP is and when you should use it?

Or if you’ve worried yourself silly over a number of other Excel tasks you’ve thought are way beyond you, then please read on as we have developed Excel courses that will simplify all these things for you and will raise your Excel skills

At Earn and Excel, our goal is to help you take your Excel skills from beginner to advanced so you become a highly respected and sought-after professional. So what can you expect to learn from us?

Excel Classes with Add Functions And Features

Our online Excel classes will show you how to use Microsoft Excel to solve your company’s problems through analysis, reporting and automation as we delve into Excel formulas such VLOOKUP and COUNTIF, functions such as conditional formatting and AutoFilters and finally you will learn Excel VBA and macros to truly save time. Throughout your time in our Online Microsoft Excel Classes, we will give you the highest levels of support, whether it’s responding to individual questions you may have on our lessons, responding to your emails all the way to creating videos just to respond to complicated queries that don’t allow you to progress.

Excel Courses Aimed At Professionals

Our Microsoft Excel Courses cater to Excel for beginners all the way to more advanced Excel training and eventually VBA and macros. By cutting through the unnecessary generic Excel fluff, you will essentially be getting a Microsoft Excel crash course! You will learn the 80:20 Excel approach to omitting the things that don’t add value. You will also get deeper into the things that do make a difference when using this program. We will also cover how to link other programs such as PowerPoint to your Excel when will help you when creating slides for projects and company reports.

Excel Training That Makes An Impact Work

If you undertake any Microsoft Excel Online Training with us we will make a strong commitment to supporting you till you improve. We will take you through a structured Microsoft Excel Online Training curriculum. This is where you will learn our proprietary structure, not taught anywhere else for managing your data effectively, using Excel to carry out all your data analysis, build Excel models and master the art of reporting and Dashboards in Excel.

Our courses are focused on helping corporate professionals like analysts, accountants, controllers, project managers, management consultants, PMO’s etc to improve their Excel skills. It’s an Excel curriculum we have assembled based on the hands-on success that our instructor has had in 12+ years consulting in for many global businesses. What that means is our training and teachings aren’t simply a regurgitation of material you can find all over the Internet, they are unique and powerful and results producing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, visit our contact us page.